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TradeEhome develop market in Myanmar

How to expand the market in Myanmar is a big challenge for both supplier and purchaser in this unique country. At the beginning of December, TradeEhome mobile app team first announce to create promotion professionals in Rangoon in order to attract local businessman and Chinese businessman.

Myanmar businessman are now able to reach international purchaser, supplier and service provider through tradeEhome mobile app. What’s more, they have access to check out local businessman nearby at any time to build up strong and powerful business social network more than ever.

For global businessman, tradeEhome mobile app is the first platform to create business social network focusing on buyer, seller and service provider such as local business service and translate service and so on.

About TradeEhome

TradeEhome is the first international business social platform, allowed to search and filter global business buyer, supplier, service provider information based on big data and location based service. Compared with traditional trade platform, tradeEhome is created to cut off intermediate agency, eliminate language barrier and to achieve equal information resource.

Currently, more than 200 countries are allowed to register in the system. 8 Languages are supported by the app including Chinese, English, Russian, Thai, Spanish, Arabic, French and Myanmar. Each user is able to reach any buyer, supplier and service provider by sending voice message like wechat at any time all over the world.

TradeEhome promote internationally

TradeEhome mobile app is officially to promote both online and offline. Now, it is time to promote in Myanmar, Thailand, Dubai,the United States, Canada, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Morocco.

TradeEhome is the first officially launched as business social network platform at Shenzhen Chinese and Overseas Chinese Industry Trade Fair. All guests and Chinese, organizations,exhibitors coming form different countries are witnesses for tradeehome mobile app launching.

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