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Company introduction

Shenzhen Wooask Technology QLINK INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED established in 2015, we are composed of management talents with rich experience in voice and artificial intelligence, international vision and oversea returned students. We are committed to creating the leading artificial intelligence products and applications with voice/speech translation and other advanced function and feature.
We focus on the development and integration of voice translation engines, based on translation engines and voice interaction technology, the development of the global barrier-free social networking platform "Wooask" mobile APP and AI translators and other intelligent hardware products. At present,  We formed three products series: Wooask APP platform, AI Translator series, Software Customization Development, we provide customerswith hardware solutions, software customization, cloud services, product integration and other all-round Speech Translation as the core of the Artificial Intelligence product overall solution.

Management team

We are formed with people who have worked as senior managers in large companies and have an international perspective.

R & D team
The core of our R&D is composed of engineers from Huawei, ZTE, Baidu and other enterprises with rich experience.

Technical advantage
Sophisticated translator software and hardware solutions. Integrating the Voice Recognition, Neural Network and BLEU Translation engines of Google, Microsoft, Baidu Science and Technology University, Nuance and so on, providing dozens kinds of language translation services and the autonomic neuron learning corpus. Automatically identify closest cloud servers around globe, automatically switching AI engines for quickest respond.