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TradeEhom APP home E is committed to the global trade platform debut 2015 Hongkong autumn Electronics Show

The 34th HongKong Electronic Exhibition successfully end, while the TradeEhome Mobile App attract public attention dramatically. There are more than 3,400 companies attending this exhibition for promoting electronic product internationally. According to the official data, more than 68,000 buyers come to HongKong for this famous event.

The core team of TradeEhome provide professional technical support to help buyer and supplier to install and to use this global mobile app. In order to help live presenters to install the app, the team was separated into several groups in the exhibition to teach users.

TradeEhome aims to create an international business platform involving product and service for business professionals. Especially in nowadays, traditional business to business model is not adapt for high-tech development. Therefore, TradeEhome is designed to solve this problem.

TradeEhome is here to provide a mobile trading platform, helping buyer and supplier to accomplish the deal with breaking language barrier and eliminating intermediate agency. In HongKong exhibition, the app user experience has achieved highly comments in the public. Lots of users received target business group information.

More than eight languages are set up in the mobile app in order to help global user to communicate without language problem. There is a buyer from Thailand, is very glad to learn to use the TradeEhome that he will not need to worry about language problem.

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