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AI Translator Solutions - Wooask Technology

At the 2023 Global Sources Hong Kong Electronics Fair, WOOASK Technology participated in the exhibition with its explosi

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The Global Sources Fair attracts more than 200,000 buyers every year to purchase on-site and establish business contacts with suppliers. It is a grand event for global electronics procurement. The exhibition focuses on branding, intelligence, innovative design and other elements, covering mobile devices, smart wearables, AR/VR, portable audio, charging products, mobile accessories and other mobile electronic products, and is committed to serving manufacturers, brand owners, design companies and the world High-quality buyers from all over the world create an efficient display and communication platform.

At this Global Sources Exhibition, WOOASK Technology brought a variety of "Smart Voice Translators", including AI smart translators, TWS translation earphones and AI smart recorders, etc., showing the technological charm from the field of smart voice.


AI intelligent translator

The AI intelligent translator W12 and W10 support real-time mutual translation of 144 languages, covering 188+ countries and regions around the world. No matter how small the language is, it can also translate. It achieves a 0.5S quick response with an accuracy of up to 97%; it supports 42 languages and takes pictures with the translation, both printed and handwritten fonts can be recognized; W12 also supports accurate offline mutual translation of 11 languages, downloading the offline package in advance, so you can travel worry-free. In cross-language communication occasions such as cross-border work and overseas travel, the AI smart translator will bring users the most accurate voice translation, making it easy to play around the world.


AI Smart Voice Recorder S01

AI smart voice recorder S01, supports real-time transcription of 144 languages, covering 200+ major countries and regions, with an accuracy of up to 97%; AI smart voice recorder S01 supports intelligent online editing and adjustment of manuscript content, and can export TXT, word after transcription , PDF documents, you can share recordings and documents with one click; recording data is automatically backed up to the cloud without fear of loss; dozens of interface languages, creating a localized language operating environment... very suitable for meeting records, interview records, classroom records, learning training etc.


TWS translation earphone

TWS translation earphones can realize real-time simultaneous interpretation. Both interpreters wear earphones, one party speaks, and the other party can hear the translated voice through the earphones, which not only liberates hands, but also focuses on communication and expression. There are two types of TWS translation earphones exhibited this time, M3 and M6, both of which support two-way real-time translation in 144 languages, with an accuracy of up to 97%, which greatly solves the problem of language barriers; there are 11 offline translation languages (simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Thai), can accurately translate without the Internet; TWS translation earphones can not only translate, but also listen to music and make phone calls in daily life , and the function can be switched at any time according to the user's needs.

New product, high popularity

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The picture shows the customer experience product

At this Global Sources Hong Kong exhibition, the products of WOOASK Technology have attracted much attention, attracting the attention of many domestic and foreign exhibitors, who came to understand and experience the products.

Shenzhen WOOASK Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2015, Shenzhen WOOASK Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of artificial intelligence voice and translation. Mainly engaged in intelligent voice translators, intelligent recording pens, TWS translation earphones, conference translation systems and other products, as well as the global language barrier-free business social platform Consulting APP (WOOASK), which can provide customers with hardware solutions, software customization, cloud services, products Integration and other comprehensive solutions for artificial intelligence products with voice translation as the core. In 2018, the company's intelligent voice translator products and the global language barrier-free business social platform Consulting APP (WOOASK) were praised by Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The company is formed by management talents with rich management experience and international vision in the field of artificial intelligence voice and technical talents who have returned from abroad. It has significant advantages in technology research and development and service in the industry. Over the years, it has been committed to building a world-leading voice translation as the core Artificial intelligence products and applications. At present, the company has a complete and scientific quality and R&D management system, and accurately controls every link of the product from design, R&D to production. Technically, it integrates voice and translation engines such as Google, Baidu, Microsoft, NUANCE, etc., supports self-developed voice recognition, voice synthesis and translation aggregation platforms, and noise reduction algorithms to ensure accurate voice recognition and millisecond-level response to translation results. The company has always been adhering to the concept of "impressing users with products", and its products have obtained a number of national certificates, and its customers have spread all over the world!

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