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Wooask Technology has been Awarded the “National High-tech Enterprise”

A few days ago, National High-tech management official announced “2019 Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise pre-authorization list”. And Shenzhen Wooask Technology has been awarded “National High-tech Enterprise” after few rounds strict evaluation.

Wooask deserves this award.

“National High-tech Enterprise” should qualified 7 conditions at the same time: self-owned core technology base on Independent intellectual property; products or service must stay within the fence of national high tech fields; ratio of high-tech talents must larger than 10%; the ratio of research funds within China of the enterprise must larger than 60%; the ratio of income in the enterprise from high-tech products ( or service) must larger than 60%; the capability of creation should meets the state’s demand.

According to this, the evaluative conditions of “ National High-tech Enterprise” are certainly strict. It’s a high recognition to the Wooask with its technical innovation and independent intellectual property.  Also, it made a positive effects to Wooask’s brand image.

It was not easy for us be awarded.

      Shenzhen Wooask Technology was established in 2015, team up with experienced talents with management and overseas returnees. Wooask devotes itself into create a world-leading platform base on AI voice translation.


Every year Wooask keep increases the investment in scientific research. Now, Wooask has achieved many large numbers of patents and copyright. In the internet filed, wooask keep iterate on the products in order to make a platform with user-friendly experience. Wooask try to played an excellent exemplary role and a leading role in the innovation and development of the Internet and artificial intelligence industry

This award bring Wooask honor and motivation.

      Andy Li, CEO of Wooask says,“ This recognition is a milestone for Wooask and it certainly push the Wooask running further to the technical innovation. From now on, Wooask has three targets, firstly, Wooask would keep enlarge the investment on technical research area in order to motivates the technical creativities of Wooask; Secondly, Wooask would teams up more talents to ensure the technical iteration; Thirdly, Wooask would focus on customizing and upgrading the products and services to increase the core competition of Wooask in this field.

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