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Wooask Blew up 2019 CITE

The 7th CITE 2019 was successfully held at 11th, April. Wooask was became the spot light of the fail with the latest version and old.

Wooask is not only the hardware manufacture, but a globally AI voice translation solution provider with the translation earbuds.

On the fair, massive clients visit our booth with solution requirement.

In fact, Wooask now become one of the top supplier with AI translation, total translation solution, Wooask mobile APP.

Wooask APP

Wooask APP—Global business social network platform without language barrier; built in 43+ languages instant translation.

In Wooask, there are millions global users to having conversation all the time and helps you break the border limit so that every users can make a deal even sitting at home.

In Wooask, there are all kinds of exhibition includes CES, HKTDC and so on. What you need to do is post your meetup requirement on Wooask, then you can make you own efficiency experiences on exhibition.

In Wooask, there are city meetup of major city like Shenzhen, Bangkok, New York.., You can have your slight business meet up even when you on the tourism.

Wooask APP, in all functions.

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