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AI Translator Solutions - Wooask Technology

Final day in CES 2019| Congrats to Wooask for the huge achievement in CES.

Four days of CES was closed in 11th January 2019 in Las Vegas.

In CES, the exhibitor has showed their latest products. It’s getting crowed everywhere!

 5G network is the spotlight of the CES. All the Hi-Tech products caught many attentions such as concept vehicles from BENZ, BMW, AUDI, autopilot systems from Baidu, Qualcomm, Intel, Nvidia, foldable smartphone.

AI has became the big trend in recent years. AI speaker, AI earphone, AI wearable devices, smart home device is not a strange word now. What surprised the visitor sis that Wooask AI voice translation device. It supports 43 languages two ways translation, fast respond, beauty in design. Wifi/Wif+4G network available.

Then is not a strange thing for it to surprised people.

To break online languages barriers, Wooask APP supports 43 languages two ways translation and reached millions users. Make sure users can talk to foreigners even though they can’t speak the languages. All the exhibitor were deeply surprised.

Wooask now has different functions include “Exhibition meetup”, “City meetup”, ”Nearby meetup”. Wooask is born to get you global clients and break the online language barriers.

Wooask had huge achievement on CES. From now on, Wooask would speed up and brings you more clients globally.

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