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AI Speed Voice Solution + Global Social Meetups Platform Without Languages Barrier

On 20th China International High-Tech Fair, Wooask is released their latest technology products, which includes AI voice speech solution and global social meetups platform on the presentation in 15th November, 2018.

With the development of “ One Belt, One Road”, there are more and more diplomacy, trade, tourism emerged. Trade mode of business to business and business to customer have more and more requirement on go out aboard, in a way, AI speech voice translator area has rich market. On the High-Tech fair, Wooask series of AI Voice Translator was one of the spotlight among all the high-tech invention.

Wooask AI Voice Translator was appointed to be the exclusive translator in the 3th PEGC. Wooask AI Voice Translator is fashion in design, easy to handle and work. Supported 43 languages two ways translation, also it is able to connect with Bluetooth, Wifi/4G network; With build-in NMT make it reached 97% of accuracy with instant response, perfectly breaks the language barriers on tourism and business.

With the advocated by China Government, Wooask combined with Internet and Real life solution to support  “One Belt, One Road”. Tried to devote Wooask into breaking language barrier.

Magic Tool on Foreign Trade Fame follow merit

Wooask APP breaks the online language barrier, energizing “One Belt, One Road “. Fomer UN general Mr. Ban Ki-moon gave their best compliment on Wooask.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Mrs Liu Chun-se taking photo with CEO of Wooask Andy Lee

Wooask APP in a way is combination with portable interpreter, personal profile, social network auto-translation and SNS auto translation. Inside Wooask, there are millions customers for you from all over the world. Wooask want to break the language barriers to provide the platform and let user meet up with foreigners and deal with business globally even they can not speak other languages.

Thousands of users on Wooask found their cooperation during 2018 Hong Kong Global Sources Mobile Electronics

On Wooask, except for the exhibition meet up function like High-Tech Fair, CES, also, Wooask owns globally city meet up includes Shenzhen, Bangkok, New York.

Shenzhen Wooask Technology is a global AI voice translation total solution provider. Since the day Wooask was established, Wooask is keep on researching the AI Voice translation engine. Based on the translation engine and voice interaction technology, Wooask created the first app in the world that focus on global business’ social network and hardware like translator with advanced patents. Wooask has 3 products series: Wooask App, Translator, AI Voice total solution ( Customize AI VOICE Translation Hardware solution by Bluetooth, Wifi, Wifi+4G, Software & cloud service customization with AI core

Wooask Believed that in our effort, we will try our best to break the language barrier and speed up the globalization through combined with Wooask APP and Wooask AI Translator.

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