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Wooask Take you to a new journey to 2018 Hong Kong Global Sources Mobile Electronics

Team Wooask

Global Sources Mobile Electronics is one of the most largest electronics trade show, which owns 3700 booths to display mobile electronics, mobile accessoriesAR/VR intellectual hardware. For the first time, it sets up Startup Launchpad, which is the platform to gather hardware and retail solution for startup business.

Buyer & Supplier from all over the world

Buyer & Supplier from all over the world

By producing the AI Voice Translator and global social meetups application “Wooask”, Wooask became the spotlight in the fair.


Buyer and Supplier successfully meetup thorough Wooask APP

In the fair, Wooask APP was given highly praise and appreciation. Wooask has learned from supplier that there are millions people want to participant in foreigh trade. The only obstacle is the languages, also it can be very lack of efficiency to find clients through trade show.

All the suppliers and buyers being strongly supportive when they knew that Wooask App can bring them clients without any languages barriers

Buyers and suppliers download and sign up on Wooask APP

Wooask APP solve the difficulty of meeting clients and the languages barriers. But in real life, such languages barriers still exists, especially for those who doing foreign trade or tourist.

Wooask AI Voice Translator break the real life languages barriers of communication. By connecting to Wifi/4G network, Wooask AI Voice Translator supports 43 languages multiple way instant translation; NMT neural network build in to ensure the fastest response and high accuracy in translation which was proved reached 97%.

Buyers & Suppliers has huge interests in Wooask Translator

Wooask Technology also specialize in integrated Translation function to traditional electronics, helping them improve competitive advantage. Wooask is now providing AI translate solution including hardware & software solution, clouds service, products integrating to give our hand on speed up Enterprise transformation.

Buyers carefully discuss AI Translation Solution with Wooask

Game challenge to win prize

In the fair, in order to show appreciation to users, Wooask prepared game include lucky egg smashing and 10s challenge to win the Wooask AI Translator as prize. Soon the Wooask booth was getting crowed and lucky users got their prize all the time.

Buyers & Supplier lucky egg smashing game

Buys&Sellers challenging 10s game to win Wooask AI Translator

In the fair, Wooask has received many clients requirements for visitation to Wooask headquarter, also establish a lots of potential partnership; It’s all credit to Wooask’s products quality and strong R&D ability.

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