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AI Translator Solutions - Wooask Technology

Wooask was invited to attend Pearl River Delta self start-up recommendation conference

2018 Pearl River Delta self start-up recommendation conference& Guangdong “Zhongchuang Cup” innovation competition was held in Hall 6, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre. The conference has attracted self start-ups, start-ups finance services in different 21 cities, also 240 projects from technology start-ups.

Shenzhen Wooask Technology was invited to attend to the fair. By producing the AI Voice Translator and global social meetups application “Wooask”, Wooask became the spotlight in the fair.

AI Voice Speaker has developed rapidly in recent years, there are many company aim to this market. Currently the AI Speaker Translator can only break the real life languages barriers, but in the future, in the era of Internet, it has to break the languages barriers both real life and online.

Introducing the Wooask APP

Wooask Technology built up Wooask APP to be a global business meetups social platform without languages barriers.

In Wooask, users can enjoy functions like portable translation, personal profile & business post auto-translate, sms message & group chatting auto-translation and so on.

In Wooask, users can easily find millions verified clients. Based on the core of translation engines and AI Voice integrated technology, Wooask is helping you to participant in globalization without languages barriers and meet up with your clients just by one easy click.

Meanwhile, Wooask AI Voice Translator break the real life languages barriers of communication. By connecting to Wifi/4G network, Wooask AI Voice Translator supports 43 languages multiple way instant translation; NMT neural network build in to ensure the fastest response and high accuracy in translation which was proved reached 97%.

It is us showing how to use Wooask Translator

For those suffering by languages issues on foreign trade, Wooask now combinate real life with online to help you break the languages barriers to make your dream come true! If you are doing foreign trade, just take out your phone and download Wooask.

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