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Translator Solutions Service

Multi-language two way translate153 language voice translation& OCR image translation service customized on demand. Users can use our software to adapt their own Android platform hardware solutions to build translations and products. Users can open their own models or use wooask technology’s molds.

Offline translate Provide 4 language offline translate service based on hardware configuration to adapt multi language offline translate function, perfectly cover online & offline service.

High accuracy translation Within second respond speed, super built-in chip with accuracy higher up to 97%.

Solutions Features:

Advanced algorithm Apply industry leading speech recognition algorithms, including LSTM, BLSTM, Deep CNN, LFMMI, CTC ect...Combined with large-scale speech models Covering a wide range of vertical areas.

Support multi platform devices Provide rest API and SDK, support smart hardware, mobile app, website, desktop client, IOT and other terminals.

Support deep customization Support deep customization services, deeply customize the models with industry characteristics according to business requirements, make sure industry proper nouns can be identified more accurately and efficiently.

Massive data accumulation Based on the social data platform, accumulated hundreds of thousands of hours of voice data with high recognition rate.

Good noise environment identification Ability to identify audio information from noisy environments without requiring customers to perform noise reduction

4G/WIFI translators features overview

  • HD pickup
  • Cloud storage
  • slim body
  • independent use
  • 20days standby
  • portable
  • Multilingual Translation
  • keywords optimizatio
  • online/offlin
  • dual Mic
    array algorithm
  • Filtering
    modal particles
  • big screen
  • simultaneous interpretation
  • touch screen
  • dual speaker